Macon Beauty and Care of the Sea

The exclusive maritime active agent complexes of Macon Meerescosmetic include useful maritime substances , for example mineral salts , vitamins, lipids, micronutrients and proteins, which are essential for allorganic processes, ıtıs established that products, which contain maritime extracts, stimulate the blood circulation, the oxygen supply and the cell regeneration of the skin.

LINE HYDRO ALCA  ( Dry and sensetiv skin )

This prepares the face taking sun bath and helps to keep the tanned skin It also helps to prevent wrinkles and gives good hydratation.

LINE DERMANORM  ( Impure and greysy skin ) 

The Dermanorm products heve been developed especially tohelp prevent problems arising in combination with oily and problem skin types : shiny (oily) patches, enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples and reddening.

LINE COUPEROSE  ( Sensitive skin ) 

Macon sensitive skin care, for those with delicate, sensitive skin or couperose skin.Sensitive skin is characterized by red, irritated, blotchy or broken capillaries.

BA-CELL REPAIR ACTIV3  ( Normal and mixed skin ) 

The Cell Repair Activ3 formula activates the metabolism of the cell and promotes the regeneration of the skin.It becomes supple and soft and the relief is visibly smoothened.

PEARL – VITTAL EFFEKT   ( For mature and demanding skin )

New luxurious antiaging brightening and firsing face treatment with pearls , caviar and marine DNA, hyaluronic acid, powerfull antioxidants, vitamins and special skin activ.


Regenerant Collagen Repair care line is the unique combination of caviar and native collagen of marine origin. A special repair complex significantly stimulates the collagen synthesis of the skin and activates the skin's own repair mechanism. Instantly, small mimic wrinkles are visually reduced. The skin is quickly provided with the needed moisture and a fresh and youthful look.


Macon Professional Eye , wrinkle complex is designed, tested and proven with skin expers. Clinically proven to help reduce wrinkle appearance.


Precious active agents of pure cocoa in a combination with effective moisture boosters of algae and natural whey the new MACON ‘’wellness treatment’’ integrates both cosmetic and care.


100%  pure treatment of the dead sea.Product may optimally be used to alleviate skin diseases, at exhaustion,stress,migraine and nervousness. A relaxation and exfolation for body, mind and soul.


Cool active alga wrap, against cellulite, hot active alga wrap, relieve water tension, drains lymphatic system, body shaping, toxing skin.